Just My Socks修改线路了,只有第三组是CN2 GIA了



  • 只有第三组域名是CN2 GIA线路
  • 其他四组都为CN2 GT线路
Which Shadowsocks server IP should I use?
We provide you with 5 IPs which have slightly different routing:

First and last 2 IPs (cXs1, cXs2, cXs4 and cXs5) are routed via CN2 GT network with additional China Unicom and China Mobile direct connectivity. We use multiple CN2 GT datacenters, so all 4 servers are not routed equally to ensure maximum resiliency.

Server cXs3 is routed via CN2 GIA network provided by China Telecom. 

Additionally, we enabled obfs plugin (obfs=tls) on servers cXs3 (CN2 GIA) and cXs4 (CN2 GT)

Depending on your provider (CT, CU, CM) you may see different connection speeds using different servers, so we recommend trying out each server to see which one works best for you.

Please see your service information page to see detailed configuration of each server and pick the one that works best for you. 


前两个IP(cXs1,cXs2,cXs4和cXs5)通过CN2 GT网络与其他中国联通和中国移动直接连接进行路由。 我们使用多个CN2 GT数据中心,因此不会平等地路由所有4个服务器以确保最大的弹性。
服务器cXs3通过中国电信提供的CN2 GIA网络进行路由。
此外,我们在服务器cXs3(CN2 GIA)和cXs4(CN2 GT)上启用了obfs插件(obfs = tls)