众所周知,justmysocks给了我们6条线路可选,有个801线路(cxxs801.jamjams.net | v2ray freedom*).官方的提示是支持v2ray协议,也是cn2GIA线路,不过流量计费是其他几条线路的10%,也就是说如果你用其他线路看youtube视频10G的话801线路后台统计的流量是1G.

官方说明在:What is Freedom server (s801)?


Freedom server offers more data transfer, depending on current multiplier.

This server offers less expensive routing and comes with no guarantees of any kind. Use it to save your monthly data transfer allowance.

For example, if current data transfer multiplier = 10, then only 1/10th of everything you download will count towards your monthly data quota. 

Practical example: let's say, you would like to download a 20 GB (20000MB) file via our network. If you use servers from s1..s5 range for this download, then our system will account all 20GB of data transfer (plus any TCP overhead).
However, if you use server s801 for this transfer and the current multiplier is 10, then our system will only account for 1/10th of that transfer (20GB / 10 = 2 GB)

NOTE: Data transfer multiplier can be changed at any time.

NOTE: We do not offer ANY quality or uptime guarantees regarding server s801. It is provided as a courtesy and can be taken offline at any time.